Jimmy Fund Clinic Summer Festival enjoys a golden day

August 28, 2017

They resembled a sea of gold, thousands of people in matching golden t-shirts coming together from all sides of a vast, green field. Ranging from toddlers holding their parents’ hands to young adults carrying their own children, they took cues from a director running amongst them and a photographer high on a hill to form…

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Singing the praises of Dana-Farber’s Unsung Heroes

August 18, 2017

Approaching the Dana-Farber building can feel a little overwhelming, but then you enter the parking garage and meet Jesus Urdaneta, one of the Dana-Farber Parking Valets. He offers you assistance getting out of your car, he might even greet you with a hug. He learns your name, and with each visit, he makes Dana-Farber feel…

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