Running and fundraising for Dana-Farber in the B.A.A. Half Marathon®: Because it feels great

Dana-Farber’s B.A.A Half team runs to support a world without cancer.

These days, you can’t walk a block without seeing a crossfit gym, a Pilates studio, or ads pushing broga classes (yoga for bros, it’s a real thing). Fitness is trendy right now, but is it the driving force behind why we work out? Can you remember a time when you worked out purely because it felt good? It felt good to go outside, hit the pavement, breathe in the warm summer air, push yourself, sweat, feel a sense of accomplishment.

The runners on Dana-Farber’s 2014 B.A.A. Half Marathon team know this good feeling. Teammates of all ages and running backgrounds, hailing from Boston and beyond, work incredibly hard to get their training miles in for the charity half marathon taking place October 12. They run in all types of weather conditions to prepare, including the rain and heat. The training is tough, but it feels good. In fact, it feels great because they are running to support an incredible mission: a world without cancer.

Dana-Farber’s B.A.A. Half team is dedicated to running for charity and raising funds to support advanced cancer research, and in turn, exciting medical breakthroughs happening at Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund. Many teammates have close connections to cancer, and participate in this charity half marathon to honor or remember someone close to them. Many are cancer survivors themselves, taking on this challenge to celebrate feeling great, and to heighten awareness of the progress being made at Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund.

Dana-Farber patient Courtney Mayo is determined to run the B.A.A Half Marathon in October, and give back to the organization that saved her life.

Meet Courtney Mayo. In October 2013, Courtney was diagnosed with a brain tumor “accidentally” discovered during an MRI. Three days later, she was at Dana-Farber. “The news was initially devastating to me and my family,” Courtney shares. “I recall my first thoughts – will my 3-year-old, Lucia, and then 8-month-old, Ryleigh, remember what I look like if I don’t survive?”

On April 29, 2014, Courtney went into surgery, and after ten long hours, Courtney’s tumor was successfully removed. It’s been an emotional journey, but this life-altering experience is behind her. Today, Courtney is feeling great, and is determined to give back to the organization that saved her life. “I have decided to run the Half Marathon in October to support Dana-Farber in all that they do for their patients, including me. After experiencing Dana-Farber’s support first hand, I feel so strongly that I do my best to support them.”

You too can join Courtney, and the rest of Dana-Farber’s B.A.A. Half Marathon team, and feel great again. Boycott the latest colorful mud run. Say adios to pricey gym memberships, and bring it back to basics. Register today, lace up those sneakers and feel great about running a half marathon. Reach out to family, friends, and colleagues to share your personal mission to conquer cancer, get creative with your fundraising, and feel great about supporting the fight against cancer.

Let’s run together, and feel great again.

Katherine McIsaac
Account Manager/Writer, Development Communications