7 Creative Fundraising Ideas Inspired by the Falmouth Road Race Team

Get excited about fundraising! Learn from our Dana-Farber runners and tap into your creative side to elevate your fundraising plans.

The Dana-Farber team is running the Falmouth Road Race, a challenging and world-renowned seven-mile race on Cape Cod, on August 17. So, we’d like to share seven of our favorite creative fundraising ideas from the team. If you’re already a Jimmy Fund event participant, use these tips to spark new fundraising ideas! If you’re thinking about joining one of our running teams, get motivated by the creativity and dedication of these teammates!

  1. Recruit your friends, family, and colleagues. Training and fundraising are much more enjoyable—and often more successful—when you have someone to share the fun! Team Lanzoni, our Falmouth team’s all-time top fundraising group, started out as just a handful of co-workers. Nine years later, it has grown to a team of more than 60 colleagues from New England and beyond, and has raised more than a million dollars for cancer care and research at Dana-Farber!
  2. Organize a 24-hour fundraising blitz. Designate a 24-hour period and encourage your network to give within this time. Set a goal: “During these next 24 hours, I’m trying to raise $500 towards my goal of $3,000 for Dana-Farber!” Add some urgency to your campaign, and your donors will be more likely to respond right away.
  3. Create your own contests. Many local businesses are looking for ways to give back to their communities. Reach out to them to ask if they will donate a gift card or product. Each week during your fundraising campaign, host a new contest for a different prize: “Anyone who makes a gift towards my Falmouth run between now and noon tomorrow will be eligible to win a $100 gift card to [insert business name]! Thanks in advance for your support!”
  4. Host a [insert your favorite food/drink] tasting party. Invite guests to taste some of your favorite cheeses, chocolates, wines, or other guilty pleasures. Encourage guests to give $1 for every taste or suggest an affordable “admission fee” to the event. Contact local shops to see if they’ll donate food or beverages, or even let you use their shop for the event to keep costs down. Be sure to mention that you are organizing the event because you are running for charity.
  5. Spice up your fundraising event.  Hosting a fundraising event for friends and family at a local hangout spot is a great way to get your donors engaged in your fundraising. In addition to holding a very successful event, one Falmouth team member got creative with her opportunity drawing prizes: “My friend was a contestant on the Bachelorette, and he agreed to let me include a date with him as one of the prizes for my drawing.”
  6. Clean for a great cause. For those neighbors that have pools, big yards, garages, etc., offer cleaning services with all proceeds supporting your fundraising efforts. Create flyers to give to neighbors explaining why you’re cleaning, why you’re running for charity, and why your services are of benefit (help them prep for outdoor summer parties and fall storage!). Be sure to include how they can get in touch with you for cleaning services (or to make a fundraising gift, if no cleaning is needed).
  7. Dedicate your miles. Seven miles is seven chances to honor or remember a family member or friend of a donor. For a set contribution amount, say $250, offer to dedicate a mile of your race to a donor’s loved one. To make your dedication extra-special, consider adding the names of these honorees to your race-day Run for Dana-Farber singlet.

Run for Dana-Farber to raise money for cancer research, and get creative with your fundraising today! Leave a comment below to share your creative fundraising ideas!

Katherine McIsaac
Account Manager/Writer, Development Communications