Team Chickaroo demonstrates that golf truly is a team sport

Team Chickaroo hitting the links at the Hickory Hill Golf Course in Metheun, Mass.
Team Chickaroo hitting the links at the Hickory Hill Golf Course in Methuen, Mass.

To casual observers, golf is an individual game: just one person, a ball, and a set of clubs. To the Hamilton family of Methuen, Mass., golf is a team sport.

In April 2007, 6-year-old Caroline Hamilton, or Chickaroo, as she’s nicknamed, was diagnosed with a Pediatric Low-Grade Astrocytoma (PLGA)—an inoperable, incurable, plum-sized tumor in her brain.

While Caroline is the one living with a brain tumor, she is not fighting cancer alone. Her parents, brothers, extended family, and countless friends in the community are in her corner. They call themselves Team Chickaroo and the team even has a four-part motto: Chickaroos are strong. Chickaroos are brave. Chickaroos are tough. Chickaroos are winners.

Inspired by the groundbreaking research on PLGA being done at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute but disturbed by a lack of funding, Team Chickaroo partnered with Jimmy Fund Golf to start a golf fundraiser, which they named The Chickaroo Classic. All tournament proceeds support PLGA research at Dana-Farber on behalf of not only Caroline, but all children living with brain tumors.

Now 14 years old, Caroline is a fixture at the Jimmy Fund Golf tournament that bears her nickname. “Caroline is the face of our tournament,” says Caroline’s father, Rick Hamilton. “Throughout this all, she has never complained and remains positive and hopeful. She’s out there spreading the word, always with a big smile.”

The 8th Annual Chickaroo Classic, held in July 2015 at Hickory Hill Golf Course, raised more than $30,000. Through all its fundraising activities, Team Chickaroo has raised more than $700,000 for PLGA research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. But how could you expect anything different from a team of strong, brave, tough, winners?

Team Chickaroo did it and you can, too. Join our team and make a major difference in the fight against cancer by starting a golf fundraiser with Jimmy Fund Golf presented by DraftKings.

Dan D’Onofrio
Account Manager/Writer, Development Communications