Beneficiary gifts honor mothers and daughters in support of breast cancer breakthroughs

Lydia Schoenfeld’s family has been deeply touched by breast cancer. Her grandmother fought it; her older sister, Marlene Lynn Schoenfeld, survived it; and sadly, her younger sister, Iris Rona Schoenfeld, succumbed to it. It was awful for Lydia to see her sisters face this difficult disease, as well as the toll it took on her mother.

“I watched cancer overcome my sister, Iris, and saw how this loss affected our mother. It had an enormous impact on me,” Lydia said. “No mother should see her daughter go through such pain.”

In honor of the strong women in her life, and in memory of her sister, Iris, and Iris’ best friend, Peggy Green, Lydia has made a generous provision in her estate plans to support breast cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

After Iris passed, Lydia knew she wanted to contribute to breast cancer research. She learned about Dana-Farber through her own detective work and a recommendation from a friend.

“I wanted to give to a dynamic place and I learned that Dana-Farber was the best of the best,” she said. “The physician-scientists at Dana-Farber are humble geniuses and compassionate individuals; their hearts and their minds are in this.”

Lydia decided to name Dana-Farber as a beneficiary of her investment, bank, and retirement accounts because it was a straightforward and simple way to make gifts that didn’t require an attorney. It gives her peace of mind to know that these funds will continue to grow as she continues to work and invest, ultimately having greater impact.

“I hope my gifts can be a game-changer to help Dana-Farber scientists move forward in women’s breast cancer research and treatment. Breast cancer is a devastating disease to both the patients and their families,” Lydia said.

Lydia’s foresight and generosity creates a legacy she is proud of and will help Dana-Farber change the future of breast cancer research and care.

Please contact Erin McKenna, Assistant Vice President, Gift Planning, at 800-535-5577 or, for more information on naming Dana-Farber as a beneficiary in your plans.