Singing the praises of Dana-Farber’s Unsung Heroes

Approaching the Dana-Farber building can feel a little overwhelming, but then you enter the parking garage and meet Jesus Urdaneta, one of the Dana-Farber Parking Valets. He offers you assistance getting out of your car, he might even greet you with a hug. He learns your name, and with each visit, he makes Dana-Farber feel a little less daunting.

Jesus is a great example of someone who’s more behind-the-scenes, but who makes a big impact in the lives of our cancer patients. To celebrate Jesus and the wide network of people who help Dana-Farber provide the total patient care experience, we created the Unsung Heroes of Dana-Farber (UHODF) initiative in partnership with Arbella Insurance Group.

Here are a few great examples of #UHODF!

The contributions of this special Unsung Heroes community enable Dana-Farber to achieve its mission of providing compassionate care and access to the most cutting-edge cancer research. Through Arbella Insurance’s #SpreadTheGood campaign, we look forward to recognizing many more Unsung Heroes, and singing their praises.

You can also check out our Unsung Heroes on Facebook using #UHODF!

Katherine McIsaac
Associate Director, Development Communications