Halloween in Jimmy Fund Clinic is a Whale of Fun for Patients and Staff

Pediatric patients got a trip “under the sea” during the Jimmy Fund Clinic’s annual Halloween celebration last Friday. The clinic was decorated in an aquatic theme, and staff dressed as everything from sharks to jellyfish to scuba divers. Although COVID-19 restrictions meant the traditional trick or treat parade could not venture to other floors of the Yawkey building, the costume-clad children still had plenty of fun – and candy – in a shortened procession trip through the clinic.

“For our patients, trick-or-treating even outside of COVID conditions is not always safe,” explains clinic nurse-turned-shark Caitlin Stratton, RN. “We want to make sure that these kids maintain some sort of normalcy and we want to make it special for them. We enjoy dressing up and giving them a safe place to still be kids and enjoy the magic of Halloween.”

One Mission, a childhood cancer foundation dedicated to enhancing the lives of pediatric cancer patients and their families, sponsors the Jimmy Fund Clinic’s Halloween festivities each year.