Fundraising tips for children and teens

Getting involved in fundraising is a great way for children and teens to learn the importance of philanthropy and helping others, and important skills like time and project management, while getting the “feel-good” benefits of giving back.  

There are many ways for children and teens to learn philanthropy skills and help defy cancer through the Jimmy Fund! They can join our community of passionate event managers as a Junior Jimmy FundRaiser; volunteer with friends, family, or a school group or sports team for a Jimmy Fund event; or participate in an event and fundraise while having fun. 

Here are some tips for younger fundraisers to start raising funds for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund. You can also check out more ideas for virtual fundraising

We are here to help you think through all of this and more! If you need advice or have questions on starting your own event, please contact your Jimmy Fund liaison or the Jimmy Fund team at or 617-632-3190. 

Sell old toys or art 

Have old toys collecting dust in your attic or closet? Host a yard sale to give old toys a new home while raising funds for the Jimmy Fund! For the artistic types, consider hosting an art sale or auction for family members in exchange for donations, or sell homemade bracelets or tie-dyed items to your classmates and friends. 

Request donations for your birthday 

In lieu of presents, ask family members or friends to donate to your efforts for your birthday. This will leave everyone feeling good about giving back! Collect checks or ask for donations to an online fundraising page through a Jimmy Fund event you’re participating in, such as Jimmy Fund Little League, or create a Giving Page. Parents can also support these efforts by sharing fundraising pages on social media or creating a Facebook Fundraise

Host a video game livestream 

For teens who game, hosting a livestream is a great way to raise funds. Include incentives or challenges in the stream, like giving the donor the opportunity to choose what your character does or playing with your controller upside down for five minutes once you reach a certain amount raised. Learn more about fundraising through video games

Ask a teacher or instructor to lead a class 

Do you take karate or dance lessons? Ask your instructor if they would lead a virtual or in-person class for your friends or family. Share your Jimmy Fund fundraising page and ask for donations to your page in exchange for admittance to the class. Tell your classmates about it and ask your instructor if they would invite other students, too. For a virtual class, you can stream it on a platform such as Zoom or Facebook. 

Do chores or a reading challenge 

In exchange for a donation—or in lieu of an allowance—offer to do household chores, walk the dog, or do yard work. Ask your parents or even extend the offer to your neighbors. You can also ask your parents or other family members about a reading challenge, where they donate a set amount, such as $5 or $10 for each book you read in a set amount of time.  

Promote your efforts on the driveway! 

Get creative with chalk art! Promote your fundraising efforts through art on your driveway or sidewalk. If you have a personal fundraising page through the Jimmy Fund, write the unique URL as part of your art to ask for donations, or set up a lemonade stand or toy or art sale next to the art on the weekend. 

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