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Jillian photo

From denial to defiance: Jillian’s cancer story

Weeks prior to 19-year-old Jillian’s high school graduation, she had been experiencing fatigue and noticed a few lumps in her neck. She didn’t think much of them, but after encouragement from her family, she went to the doctor and soon…

Becky (second from left) and the Untold Brewing team in 2019

Local artist teams up with Untold Brewing to raise funds

Scituate artist Becky O’Toole and Untold Brewing are joining forces for the brewery’s second release of With Purpose, an IPA which, this year, will benefit the research and care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Becky, a two-time cancer survivor, paints the…

Becky O’Toole

Cancer patient begins art career during treatment

Scituate artist Becky O’Toole found herself noticeably short of breath while running one afternoon. Thinking it was a mental hurdle or potentially asthma, she was not overly concerned until large bruises began developing on her legs. After visiting her primary…

Leanne and Family

Finding resilience during pancreatic cancer

Leanne Pierce was living a great life—a loving husband, a rewarding job, and two active young sons—when vague symptoms, including night sweats, acid reflux, a cough, and a lingering fever, brought her to her primary care doctor a few days…