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cancer fundraising challenge

Wave Cancer Goodbye and Send Cancer Packing

The #WaveCancerGoodbye movement has started, and you’re invited to be a part of it. Here’s how you can raise awareness, and help us send cancer packing:   Share a selfie waving cancer goodbye to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with #WaveCancerGoodbye…

Jimmy fund history

From a Radio Broadcast to the Jimmy Fund Blog

“…Now, by the magic of the radio, we are going to span the breadth of the United States and take you right up to the bedside of Jimmy in one of America’s great cities, Boston, Massachusetts and into one of…

jimmy fund website

7 Exciting Features on the NEW Jimmy Fund Website

Welcome to the new Jimmy Fund website! We’re excited to share with you a list of our favorite enhancements and new features. 1. Event search Finding a Jimmy Fund cancer fundraising event is now easier than ever with our event…

support cancer research

‘I have cancer, but cancer doesn’t have me.’

When our son Jayden was diagnosed with a brain tumor at three months old, we knew exactly where to turn. Within days, Jayden began his first round of treatment at the Jimmy Fund Clinic. He endured a demanding 68-week course…